Big Silicone Food Brush Silicone oil Brush For BBQ,kitchen

big size High Temperature Resistant BPA Free Kitchen Utensil Silicone Baking Tools BBQ Sauce Cooking Oil Pastry Basting Brush

* Safety: silicone material that does not contain harmful chemicals BPA (BPA). Not only is the flexibility of silicone, but it is also firm and resilient,making it a good balance of softness

*High and Low Temperature Resistance: Heat resistant from -40 °C to 230 °C. Microwave, dishwasher and dryer safe. Since it is a silicone cookware, all types of tips are made of soft materials like silicone, so they won't scratch your teflon pans. Durable and impact resistant cookware

* High Quality Material: Made of silicone, it won't scratch pots and dishes with fluorine resin processing. Made of durable

silicone, so it does not easily lose its shape or discoloration, and it does not transfer odors. Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with water for easy cleaning

* Convenient Storage: Even if it gets dirty, it can be washed with water for easy care. Dishwasher and dishwasher safe The

material is made of silicone so it is light weight. The handle has a hole for hanging the hook, so you can hang it up for easy 

storage. Convenient cooking tool Note: If the product received has smell, please put the product in a ventilated place. Within 2-3 days, the smell will disappear naturally. It is non-toxic

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